Welcome to Dental Cover

Our variety of products offer a variety of dental cover options to fill the gap and keep you smiling. For the FIRST time in South Africa, Specialised Dentistry is offered outside the medical aid environment ... now that’s something to bite your teeth into!

Cover All Your Specialised Dentistry needs at a Low Premium.

Why Us?

Medical Aid members: the portion % dedicated to dentistry benefits within a medical option has hugely declined over the past years...so medical aid members are only allowed very few dental treatements before this benefit is depleted! Also, dental benefits are shared per annum between all family members on the policy and this also causes the dental benefit to reach its limit quickly. WITH US, your entire contribution goes towards dentistry and the annual benefits are PER PERSON on the policy - so it it is not share!

This policy can act as a "gap" cover for dentitry. For the first time you have the option to rather use this policy instead of utilising your savings portion or medical aid dental benefit to cover dental procedures OR use the policy to  sudstitute the shortfall of your medical aid dental benefit - so you dont have to be out of pocket again!